Grand Rivers is going to the dogs

dog event in grand riversOn May 3-6 the town of Grand Rivers Kentucky will be going to the dogs, literally. Over 300 Yorkies from all over the world will be invading Grand Rivers and surrounding Kentucky Lake.

Patti’s Settlement is very excited to accommodate 200+ guests with their “fur babies” for the 4 day event. Skipper Neuzigler with the help of Ann Martin, Marketing Director of Patti’s, have put together this event to raise money, with the help of local veterinarian Dr. Flanery, for the no-kill animal shelter.

The Mayor of Grand Rivers will close the roads as the parade will be going through the middle of town on Thursday May 4 starting at 11:45am. Over 300 dogs will be dressed in their very best outfits and Derby Hats. They will be riding in their own customer designed strollers as the parade route will start at the community building, go through Patti’s Settlement then down main street of Grand Rivers.

The Crazy Yorky Ladies group began on Facebook in 2009 with four people and has grown to include 13,500 members from over 25 countries around the world. Members include breeders, rescue, pet owners, designers and those that just love the breed.

Grand Rivers will be the site of the third Jamboree with visitors coming from as far as California, Texas, and Canada to this year’s event.

The big event in this year’s Jamboree is the Kentucky Derby Hat Yorkie Parade that will be held in downtown Grand Rivers.

On Saturday there will be a Vendor Day in the Park from 9 am to Noon that is open to the public. There will be a kissing booth for everyone’s enjoyment as well as some amazing crafts and goods from the group designers. Don’t miss coming out to enjoy the yorkies and Crazies in the park.

With the help of local veterinarian Dr. Flanary, The Humane Society of Marshall County has been chosen as the recipient of the Jamboree. Members will bring a donation of supplies and there will also be a raffle throughout our event with the proceeds going to the Humane Society.

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