Grand Rivers is going to the dogs

dog event in grand riversOn May 3-6 the town of Grand Rivers Kentucky will be going to the dogs, literally. Over 300 Yorkies from all over the world will be invading Grand Rivers and surrounding Kentucky Lake.

Patti’s Settlement is very excited to accommodate 200+ guests with their “fur babies” for the 4 day event. Skipper Neuzigler with the help of Ann Martin, Marketing Director of Patti’s, have put together this event to raise money, with the help of local veterinarian Dr. Flanery, for the no-kill animal shelter.

The Mayor of Grand Rivers will close the roads as the parade will be going through the middle of town on Thursday May 4 starting at 11:45am. Over 300 dogs will be dressed in their very best outfits and Derby Hats. They will be riding in their own customer designed strollers as the parade route will start at the community building, go through Patti’s Settlement then down main street of Grand Rivers.

The Crazy Yorky Ladies group began on Facebook in 2009 with four people and has grown to include 13,500 members from over 25 countries around the world. Members include breeders, rescue, pet owners, designers and those that just love the breed.

Grand Rivers will be the site of the third Jamboree with visitors coming from as far as California, Texas, and Canada to this year’s event.

The big event in this year’s Jamboree is the Kentucky Derby Hat Yorkie Parade that will be held in downtown Grand Rivers.

On Saturday there will be a Vendor Day in the Park from 9 am to Noon that is open to the public. There will be a kissing booth for everyone’s enjoyment as well as some amazing crafts and goods from the group designers. Don’t miss coming out to enjoy the yorkies and Crazies in the park.

With the help of local veterinarian Dr. Flanary, The Humane Society of Marshall County has been chosen as the recipient of the Jamboree. Members will bring a donation of supplies and there will also be a raffle throughout our event with the proceeds going to the Humane Society.

27 thoughts on “Grand Rivers is going to the dogs

  1. We are so excited to be a part of this event Looking forward to our first trip to Kentucky and exploring the beautiful lake Thank you for welcoming us with open arms

  2. I’m a proud member of the Crazy Yorkie Ladies and so wish I was there!!! It will be an amazing time for all who are there meeting each other and a glsight of good clean fun and commaderie in the city. Have a great time Crazies!!

  3. This will be our first Jamboree and I hope it’s going to be a great success and meet great new people and hope our boys are on their best behavior

  4. My husband and I are designers for the group and we are super excited to be showing off our wares for the group as well as the town! This group is absolutely awesome and caring…. I count them as true friends for sure. Go CYL!

  5. I am a proud member of this caring wonderful group! I have 6 beautiful Yorkie and would loved to have been a part of this event! Thanks Skipper for all the hard work and time you give your yorkies families!

  6. This will be Thug, Thor and my first jamboree and we are beyond excited!! I have been apart of the group for a very long time and can honestly say that these ladies are so caring and welcoming. I’m a proud crazy yorky lady!!!

  7. I love being a member of CYL I live an hour from this years jamboree and hope you come by to say hi if I can with my baby girl Sissy to meet and great

  8. I too am a member. I so wish my boys and I could be there. Hoping that next year we will. Our group is more than a Facebook group, we are a family of loving and caring people. We lift each other up in times of need and most of us have never met one another. I’m proud to be part of this amazing family.

  9. Looking forward to meeting all you wonderful ladies
    I will be at the grand river dam cabins so stop by and say hi
    I have some new beautiful homemade doggie quilts to show off
    Message me if you want to stop by

  10. We are excited to visit your beautiful area of Kentucky. Thank you so much for having all of us and our furbabies.

  11. I’m also a proud member of Crazy Yorky Ladies an Kentucky Drag Boat Association. We have been visiting Grand Rivers for 20 yrs now. Patti’s 2in Pork Chop an Flower Pot Bread with Strawberry Butter is amazing. I’m proud to be a part of this group of ladies giving back to this wonderful community. Thank you for having us !!

  12. Hey Yorkie ladys,,stop by and see Patty Pence,she has some beautifull homemade quilts with her!! She’s staying in one of the cabins!! You will love these quilts

  13. I am a me.ber of CYL and I am looking for to mine and Sadie Sues first Jamboree. Kentucky here we come..I hope you are ready for us!

  14. I am a member of the CYL , Tiffy and I can’t wait to meet a lot of you on Saturday. If all goes right I’ll have a new addition to my family for you all to meet.

  15. As a proud member of CYL I would like to say Thank You for having us in your city and our Derby Hats off to Skipper Nuerling and Darcy Mitchell for putting this wonderful event together. We are traveling from Semmes, AL and just cannot wait to see your beautiful city. Sir Tucker, Princess Jasmine and the mommy that loves them.

  16. I would like to thank Ann and Pattis as well as the town of Grand Rivers for working so hard with us to bring this dream into a reality. Look forward to seeing everyone. So if you see a whole bunch of Crazies with their yorkies, stop and say hello, so we can say thank you for welcoming us to your amazing little town. #SeeYaattheLake

  17. I can’t wait to arrive. This will be so much fun to finally meet all the CYL’s I’ve been chatting with for years on Facebook!

  18. I am a CYL and am driving in from Massachusetts. Kentucky is beautiful! Thank you Grand Rivers and Patties Settlement for hosting this event. CYL is an amazing accepting group. Let the fun begin!

  19. Just to let you Ladies know, Patty Pence, owner of Sophie Jo’s Homeade Quilts is here with some of her beautiful doggie quilts. Send her a message if interested. They are so beautiful to see them in person. Here’s your chance Ladies!

  20. I am a member of the CYL, wish my six & I could be there. Would be amazing to meet so many . Maybe next year.Have a wonderful time…

  21. I am also a member of the CYL, wish me and my seven could be there. This is going to be such a amazing event. Look forward to all the pics and videos of the parade. Have fun ladies and babies I will be enjoying it thru you.

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