State Government Transparency Website Redesigned for Ease of Use and Up-to-Date Information

Kentucky Finance Cabinet and Office of the Treasurer collaborated on effort

FRANKFORT, Ky. (April 18, 2017) – Today State Treasurer Allison Ball and Finance and Administration Secretary William M. Landrum III unveiled a new and improved transparency website so that citizens can see where their tax dollars are spent.

The redesigned website, called, has improved navigation and search tools making it easier to access information quickly. The upgraded search feature functionality allows citizens to input keywords, date ranges or other parameters. Data provided is for the executive and judicial branches and includes such things as agency spending, contracts with businesses, employee salaries, and buildings owned or leased by state government.

“Transparency and openness is vital to preserving a government of, by and for the people,” said Gov. Matt Bevin. “Our administration is committed at every level to transparency of publicly funded programs and the resulting information. This collaboration between Treasurer Ball and the Finance and Administration Cabinet will create improved access to up-to-date information, keeping the public correctly informed on how their tax dollars are spent.”

“Transparent government is good government,” Treasurer Ball said in a statement.  “I’m thankful to have worked with Secretary Landrum and Governor Bevin to provide a clear and easy way for Kentuckians to see spending inside their government.  As the watchdog for Kentucky spending, this was something I was committed to achieving when voters sent me to Frankfort.  I’m happy to tell Kentuckians that we got it done.”

“It is incumbent upon the Finance Cabinet to be a good steward of the Commonwealth’s financial resources,” said Secretary Landrum. “We were happy to work with Treasurer Ball in bringing this new design to fruition so that anyone who is interested in finding out where tax dollars are spent can do so quickly and easily.”

The website also includes educational resources on how a state budget becomes law as well as information that parents and teachers can use to help children learn about budgeting for themselves.

Other information on the website includes general information on the current state budget, taxes, basic timeline of the budget process, accountability, ethics overview, and links to other useful resources such as unclaimed property and local government officials.

Kentucky Interactive provided technical resources to redesign and make programming changes at no cost through its public private partnership with the Commonwealth,

Additional information is available online at

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