Marshall County collects $88,014 in 2nd quarter alcohol taxes

By Loyd Ford
The Lake News

Marshall County ABC Administrator Scott Brown

Marshall County ABC Administrator Scott Brown

In the last session of the Kentucky General Assembly significant changes in the sale of alcohol were made, 141 pages of them, and Marshall County ABC Administrator Scott Brown advised the members of Marshall County Fiscal Court of some of them when he gave the court his quarterly report on alcohol tax collection in the county Wednesday morning, August 3, 2017. He said now the county must begin refunding a portion of license fees to the establishments that sell alcohol.

The fee give back is based on the amount of sales by the establishments that sell alcohol. The court still collects the taxes on alcohol sold but the fees paid are reimbursed to the firms based on their alcohol sales.

One of the major changes in state statutes on alcohol sales is home delivery of alcohol. Brown explained the change in the law to allow for home delivery was made on the state level apparently to make it easier for alcohol sales firms to do business.

Brown also told the court that during the past quarter the county had lost one package liquor store and he was waiting to see if the state was beginning to open the application process for another business to seek the license.

According to the report filed by Brown Marshall County has 43 establishments; six restaurants, 25 malt beverage firms, three private clubs and nine package liquor stores. During the past quarter the county collected $88,014 in taxes from those firms. The county collected $59,555.34 in the quarter prior to that.

Marshall County does not collect alcohol taxes on establishments located in any of the three cities in the county. Benton, Calvert City and Hardin collect the alcohol tax on establishments in their respective cities. State law requires taxes collected on alcohol be used for law enforcement purposes.

Click here to view the ABC Quarterly Report.

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