Village Market begins “Backpack” food drive for Livingston children

snack pack programVillage Market, in Grand Rivers, has begun their “Backpack” food drive for the Snack Pack program which is administrated by Family First in Livingston County. The Snack Pack program provides local school children, that may not have enough to eat at home on the weekends, with “easy to prepare” foods.

Each Friday teachers discreetly place a snack pack in the child’s backpack for the weekend. This program is strictly provided through donations. The Village Market customers have provided the largest food donation to this program the last three years.

Elementary children are referred to Family First by teachers who have reason to believe that student might be in need of extra food over the weekend. A letter is sent home to the student’s parents asking for permission to enroll in the program. Family First will then fill a small bag of nonperishable items. This bag is discreetly placed in their backpacks on Friday afternoons. Preschoolers receive their bags on Thursdays because they are not at school on Friday.

Family First is still looking for people or organizations that would like to help provide healthy snacks for the Snack Pack Program, and they would certainly appreciate any items or money you would like to donate.

Items used in the snack packs include: Ramen noodles, small cups of microwavable soups, instant oatmeal, small boxes of cereal, hot chocolate packets, Pop tarts, peanut butter or cheese crackers, puddings, fruit cups, Fruit roll ups, applesauce, small juice packs, fruit snack and Fruit Rollups.

Any type of healthy snack that is individually wrapped would be appropriate for this program.

Anyone having any questions about Family First or the Snack Pack program or how to contribute should contact Stephanie Henson at 279-928-4768. You can make direct contributions of food at Village Market in Grand Rivers.

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