Active Shooter Drill to take Place at Marshall County Health Department

active shooter drillOn October 20, 2017, from noon to approximately 4 pm, an Active Shooter Exercise will be taking place at the Marshall County Health Department (MCHD).  This will be a multi-agency event with Marshall County Sherriff’s Office, Benton Police Department, Marshall County Emergency Management, Marshall County Rescue Squad, Marshall County Hospital, Marshall County Emergency Medical Services, Marshall County Health Department, and Benton Fire Department participating.

This half-day exercise will simulate multi-discipline, multi-jurisdiction, and multi-agency response to an active shooter situation.  The exercise is designed to establish a learning environment for participants to carry out response plans, policies, and procedures. It will also serve as an opportunity to implement multi-agency coordination among community partners and to familiarize responders with their roles and responsibilities in planning, preparing for, and responding to an active shooter incident.

Areas surrounding the exercise will be clearly marked, and members of the public will not be allowed in or around the exercise area.  Multiple police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles will respond to the MCHD at 267 Slickback Road in Benton for the exercise.  Surrounding businesses and motorists may notice these emergency vehicles beginning around noon and they will remain on site for the duration of the exercise.  Please do not be alarmed.  At the conclusion of the exercise, an after action meeting will be held at the Judicial Building and all media partners are invited to attend.

This exercise comes in response to the increase in active shootings and recent tragic events.  All agencies involved make it a priority to be as prepared as possible for an emergency such as active shooter, hostage or explosion.  This type of exercise, when conducted on such a large scale, helps to simulate real-life events, and proves invaluable to local agencies and the public.

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