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  1. I was wondering where I could purchase a copy of your Thursday, the 22nd, edition of your paper? My son’s letter to Santa is going to be in it and definitely wanted a copy but wasn’t sure where to pick one up. Thanks for your time and help.

    • You may pick one up at the office here in Calvert City across from the post office. Or tell me where you are located and i can direct you to a rack.

  2. Good morning to you.
    My name is Leander Beatty Jr., a Saint Louis, Missouri. I had the pleasure of visiting Kentucky Lake for a fishing tournament this past Saturday. I did not win or come close to winning (LOL), but this is not about me at all.

    We were just about to leave when a young man named “Chad” approached us. He is about eight to ten years old and absolutely one of the most well-mannered youngsters I have ever met. He had no hesitation in his voice, he was polite and he was dressed almost exactly like a professional fisherman. He and his family were at Kentucky Lake to participate in a Kids Fishing Tournament. He cracked me up when he told me he expected to do well because he has a “lot of fishing knowledge”. That is just classic!

    Anyway, I wanted to send a shout out to Chad, who made my day with his warmth, his kindness, his manners and confidence. Whomever his parents are, they should be really proud of this young man. Parents, continue to do what you are doing and you will see excellent things from Chad for many years to come.

    I salute you, Mr. Chad. I hope you did well at the tournament. I pray that you and the family went out and returned safely and I wish you much success in your life. You are a blessing and a joy to be around, as well as a great example to others. Thank you.

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