Free Workshop for Beginner and Advanced Beekeeping Enthusiasts

honeybee workshopAdam Barnes
Livingston County
Extension Office

Beekeeping has become a popular past time for many in the area. Enthusiasts are a diverse crowd and can range from young to old, and rural to urban dwellers. To assist local beekeepers, Marshall; Livingston; Crittenden; Lyon and McCracken Cooperative Extension Offices are working together to host a free workshop about honey bees.

The 2017 Fall Bee School will be held October 28 from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Marshall County Extension office in Benton.

Topics for the day will include beginning and advanced beekeeping, value added product, basic equipment, pest and diseases, beekeeping seasons, dowsing, top bar hives, and plants for pollinators. The day will conclude with a panel discussion featuring class presenters from throughout the day. Lunch will be provided free of charge.

This is the third year for the bee school to be held in the fall season. Having the school in the fall allows beekeepers to reflect on the past production season and start making plans for the next year.

Fall is also a great time for new beekeepers to start preparations to begin their beekeeping journey the following spring. Topics were chosen for new and beginning beekeepers and for those who have a more advanced understanding of bees.

For more information, contact the Livingston County Extension office at 270-928-2168.

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